The Power of Corporate Culture

GIM c.o.r.e. helps you to explore and understand your corporate culture. This is especially important in times of working remotely, because: Working virtually and mobile requires a strong corporate culture. If you know your own culture, you can promote and question it. And thus gain better and longer-term employee loyalty.  

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Corporate culture as foundation for success 

We see corporate culture as the foundation for satisfied employees and long-term corporate success. Corporate values, employee experience and the company's reputation are based on its culture.

That is why "c.o.r.e." refers to our key objectives:


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Insights for your strategic employee management and commitment

How is our current corporate culture perceived? What do we stand for? How are goals and values perceived by employees?

We help you to answer these and many other questions and get to know your corporate culture from the perspective of your employees. Our Corporate Culture Checks provide you with tailored, actionable insights for strategic employee management and commitment.

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Value Types: Five types of companies and their values

Our research shows: Depending on which values a company cultivates and which culture it lives by, different "value types" can be identified. We have prepared our insights into the five types of companies for you. Here, you can find out, for example, why successful companies have the best culture from the employees' point of view!

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